Saturday, April 4, 2015

Looking forward to Baptisms this week

Hello Everyone, I hope you guys have all had a good week! I have had a pretty good one. We have been teaching a lot, which is really nice. I hope that all is well with all of you at home and that you are all happy and healthy! This week has been super hot, and it makes me wish for the rain again! The hardest part is that everyone keeps saying this isn't even the hottest it gets. I am praying that somehow I will be able to handle it as it gets hotter! I have been using lots of sunscreen so at least I am not sunburned! I am excited to tell you that this Saturday, April 4th, will finally be our baptism. It has taken us forever I feel like to get Luz Maria, Adrian, and Angel Arredando to be baptized, but it will be this Saturday, finally. It is so exciting for us to finally have them be baptized, because we have been working with them the whole time I have been here! Although it has taken awhile for them to be baptized, I feel like it is probably better because they are more prepared and ready. It is cool too because now they are much more excited as well! I am also excited that it will be the same day as General Conference! Our other investigators are doing well. The Vazquez Family is doing really great. They have so many questions and such a desire to learn about the gospel. We have had some wonderful lessons with them and I love watching them grow in their understanding. I really hope that they are able to find a testimony through prayer and come to the knowledge that this gospel is true! I know that it can bless their lives so much! The Gonzalez Family, our other investigators are doing really good as well. They too have many questions and desires to learn. Yesterday we had a wonderful lesson with them about the Book of Mormon and how to receive and answer about all things through prayer and the power of the Holy Ghost. We taught a lot about how we can recognize our answers with him because he has many doubts. Really it made me think a bit, What do I feel when the Holy Ghost speaks to me? Well really it is kind of hard to explain, but I will try my best. The Holy Spirit can speak to us in many ways but I feel it most commonly as a feeling of tranquility and peace in my heart. I am a worrier and therefore I usually have some amount of stress, but when the Holy Ghost testifies to me of something, I do not have fear of it anymore, I feel a sense of peace and calm that doesn't come in any other way to my mind and my heart. I know that the Lord speaks to us through the Holy Ghost but if we are not living so that we can have his companionship we will not feel or recognize when he is speaking to us. Really this is the work of the Lord and I know it is through Him and His gospel that we find true and everlasting happiness in our lives. I am so excited because last Saturday started our new campaign, Because of Him. This is a worldwide campaign sponsored by the church, that speaks about the great blessings we can have because Jesus Christ was resurrected and lives and guides us today in our lives! I want to invite all of you to go visit the webpage and watch the beautiful video and explore the web page about his life, atonement, and resurrection. I want to share my testimony of Jesus Christ with all of you. He is our loving brother. Our loving Father in Heaven gave his only begotten to save every single one of us. Really it is the greatest gift we have been given. It is through his teachings and his ministry that he gave a perfect example, and if we follow his commandments and his perfect example that we can receive all that the Father has. Jesus Christ is our loving redeemer. He suffered all pains and afflictions so that we might have the opportunity to repent and become clean, but more than that he suffered all of the same saddnesses that we may feel, he felt the pain of our hearts in hard times and the pain of all of our sicknesses and afflictions. He is here for every single one of us to help comfort and support us. He knows what we feel and he wants to help us in every moment. He is always with us in the good times, the bad times, and the in-between! I know that Jesus Christ lives and that through him we can all have eternal life! I love him and am so thankful that he loves me and every single one of you! I know that my redeemer lives and oh how sweet the joy I feel when I think of him and feel his loving arms around me helping me through everything in my life. I know that many of you are members and that some are not, but my message is the same to you all. Just like at the end of the video I invite you to Find Jesus Christ in your lives. I know that it is through him that we will find the greatest joy in our lives. I love him and his atonement for us. Jesus Christ is the Savior of the world and I know it is through him that we can become whole and fulfill all of our potential! I love all of you guys and hope you have a wonderful week! Go watch that video it is beautiful!! Love, Elder Mitchell J Condie

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