Monday, July 18, 2016

The work is going well! I have a testimony of the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon!

Hey everyone, I hope that you are all doing well and that you have all had a wonderful week this week. Our week this last week went pretty well. We were quite occupied as always with many different activities. On Monday we had interviews with President Egginton so we didn't have P-day until Tuesday. On Tuesday we had a big zone activity and we had lots of fun playing soccer, basketball, steal the flag, having a water fight, and eating pizza. Saturday we had Zone Meeting and it was super awesome and it was super inspiring and I am just excited to work and help others to come unto Christ. Really the work is going well. Our investigators are doing alright. We have quite a few but not many are really progressing much. We haven't seen Jaime now for two weeks. It has been really difficult to find time to visit him and the times when we have had appointments set with him he has not showed up. He hasn't been to church since the first Sunday that he came, so we really don't know what is going on with him. Hopefully this week we can locate him and see what is up because I really would like to find him and help him as he showed a sincere interest in leaving behind his addiction and drawing nearer to God. Beatriz is doing really well. She has shown a great interest in the Gospel and I feel like she is progressing really well. She and all of her four children came to church again yesterday. We were only able to visit her one time this week in her house because of lots of craziness with our schedule, but we had a really good lesson with her and she asked us a lot of really good questions. Many of which are focused on lessons that we teach as missionaries and doctrine of the church. I can tell that she has a true desire to follow the Savior and do what he desires of us and she just wants to receive His help to be a better mother (she is a single mother). Her oldest son is 13, his name is Jose, then after that she has a 7 year old daughter and a son and a daughter that are about 5 and 3 years old. I know that the Gospel will be a huge blessing in her life. It was a huge testimony builder to me to see her in church yesterday too because on Saturday when we saw her she had told us that she wasn't sure if she was going to be able to go to church because she didn't have money for the bus, but I can tell that she made an effort to get the money and she was there early on Sunday morning and stayed the whole time. Anyway I know that this work is the work of the Lord and that in His timing and in His way all things work out and work together for the good of all men. I want to testify of the truthfulness as well of the Book of Mormon. I finished it once again this morning and I am certain that it is a true book of scripture. I know that it is divine, it is of God. I know that it was translated by Joseph Smith a Prophet of the True and Living God. I know that it is true becasue I have read it and prayed to know of its truthfulness by the power of the Holy Ghost. As I have lived the things that the Book of Mormon teaches I have experienced a greater change of heart than in any other way. I know without a shadow of a doubt that it is a true book and that it combined with the Holy Bible contains the fulness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I am so excited to read it once again in the next three months as our mission president has challenged us to do and I look forward to the things that I am sure I will learn and the new changes it will cause in my life! It is a very special and important book. I know that all of you can know that it is a true book as well if you will read it, meditate the message it contains, and ask of God in Jesus' name if it is true. If you will do that I am sure that you will receive an answer through the power of the Holy Ghost that it is true. I love each and everyone of you and I hope you are all well! I hope you have a wonderful week and take great care! Love, Elder Mitchell J Condie

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