Saturday, July 9, 2016

Email from June 19th. Elder Condie has a bad cold! But still working hard!

Hey everyone, I hope all of you are doing well. I am doing alright. I have a cold right now unfortunately. Hopefully in a short amount of time I will be able to get over it and feel better. I have found that there are always trials and challenges in the work. This is just another one. Other than my cold this week went pretty well. I feel like I am getting to know my new area better and I already feel like I am getting to know some of the members well. I am already liking the people that we are working with. This week we had more lessons than the past week and we were able to find six new investigators. Some of the investigators that we found are people that were before investigating the church but for one reason or another stopped listening to the missionaries or the missionaries stopped visiting them. Hopefully we can help them to progress towards baptism and if not at some future time they can do so. They received us very well and told us that they feel that the message we share is true. I feel they are mostly just scared of making the decision of being baptized and leaving behind the things that they do or the religion they currently practice. That sometimes is the biggest and hardest challenge to help people to overcome, but I know that when people truly make the sacrifices necessary that God blesses them with infinitately more. Yesterday was my first day in our actual ward because last week was Stake Conference and I enjoyed being there. I learned a lot as I was there and I was able to feel the Spirit strongly. I am excited to get to know the people here better and hopefully help to strengthen the members. We have our Zone Conference tomorrow with President Egginton and the majority of the meeting will be focused on working with members and all of the ward and stake leaders have been invited to be present at that meeting. I hope that as we are all there we may be inspired on how we can better work together to strengthen all of those who have withdrawn themselves from the church and those who have fallen through the cracks. I know that as we work to strengthen those in need and to search for those who are weak that we are strengthened. I know that as we focus on those around us and not on our own selves we are blessed. I have found that it is from selfless service that one finds greatest happiness and joy. I have found greater happiness here as I have served the Lord and His children than in any other moment in my life. I know that this is truly the path to everlasting joy and true happiness in eternity, to give freely of ourselves to build others and to help those in need. I promise as we seek to do so that we will all find the meaning in our own lives and fill our hearts with joy and peace. I love all of you and wish for you the best. Take care! Love, Elder Mitchell J CondieWee

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