Wednesday, May 18, 2016

We had a lot of Adventures which included an Earthquake!!

Hey everyone, I hope that all of you are doing well. I am doing pretty well all things considered. We had a very busy week this week and quite a lot of adventures. First of all I am going to tell you about a fun and exciting thing that happened to us on Wednesday. We had to go to the hospital for my follow up appoinment for my fractured right pinkie. We arrived at the hospital and went to the specialty tower where I was to meet with the doctor. The hospital (Centro Medico Puetra de Hierro Sur) is one of the nicest and largest hospitals I have ever been in. It has a total of 18 floors (fifteen above ground and three below) we were on the fifth floor for my appointment. We had just arrived at the appointment and sat down to wait for the doctor to arrive and five minutes had not passed when an Earthquake hit Guadalajara. It honestly was super cool. It probably lasted for three to five minutes and my companion and I were completely calm and enjoyed the earthquake quite a lot as we waited for it to pass. We were trying to decide if we should go downstairs and outside, but decided that it was all okay. The secretary was kind of freaking out but we helped her to calm down. Afterwards we found out that it was a 4.9 on the scale, but that no one was killed and very little damage occured. It was kind of a cool experience. It really didn't shake the hospital as hard as in other areas because it is built to withstand those types of natural occurances better than other buildings. Other than that everything else that happened this week went fairly well and calmly. We only found one new investigator this week who is the son of recent converts. His name is Sergio. He has listened to the missionaries before but he says he is catholic. We believe that we can help him to come to a knowledge of the gospel and really to discover its truthfulness for himself. He gave us a few pages filled with catholic questions that he wants us to answer for him. They are quite interesting. I just hope that we can help him to really ask the Lord in prayer really believing that he will receive an answer so that he can gain a testimony for himself. Our only investigator that has been attending and progressing is Isaac, the nine-year-old who will be baptized on June fourth. He is doing pretty well and I think he is learning slowyly but surely. I hope we can help him to gain a greater understanding of the Gospel before his baptism. With all of the others we are still struggling with getting them to come to church. That always has been the biggest struggle here in the mission. I just want to share my testimony on the power of prayer. I know that as we confide in the Lord and turn to Him in humble prayer He listens to our greatest desires and needs. If we trust in Him and turn to Him in faith He can guide and bless us in every single aspect of our lives. I have never seen before in such greatness the effect prayer can have in the lives of the Children of God until I came on my mission. I have seen the way the Lord can work in the lives of all men as they exercise their faith in Him through simple and sincere prayer. I know He listens to you and me. I know that He cares about everyone of us and our specific needs. Let us pray to Him often that He may bless our lives. I love all of you and I hope that you have a great week! Take care!~ Love, Elder Mitchell J Condi

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