Friday, October 21, 2016

My week was full of spiritual and uplifting experiences and another companion change!

Hey everyone, I hope you are all doing well and that you were able to have a great week this week. My week was full of many things to do but also full of spiritual and uplifting experiences. We were able to have our zone meeting and also able to establish a new focus for the mission during the leadership council. During our leadership council we were discussing the needs of the mission and the things that are lacking in our mission with the missionaries and what could help us to improve our efforts in the work. We were looking all for things that would help the missionaries become more effective servants of the Lord and also work towards building up their abilities as effective teachers. As we were in that meeting we decided that we needed to focus a lot on Discipleship, Establishing the Church, and Teaching the Doctrine of Christ. It felt so inspired as we were looking for what would inspire the missionaries to work hard and give a greater part of themselves in this work. I am so excited to focus on these things with the missionaries in the coming months. Well my companion Elder Ramon ended his mission today. I am kind of sad because he was a super great companion for me and I am going to miss him. It was a good last week together getting to teach the missionaries in the zone meeting about the need to represent the Savior in all that we do and follow Him in every footstep. I learned so much from him and he inspired me to work harder everyday. I will definitely be missing him by my side as my companion but I know he will continue to bless many lives as he returns home. My new companion is Elder Hernandez. He is from Cancun and has 17 months in the mission. I don´t know very much about him except that he has been a zone leader already for quite awhile so I am sure I will be able to learn a lot of things from him. I am excited to see what I can learn with him and what we can accomplish together here. Right now not much is happening in the area. Our investigators didn´t come to church yesterday. Joshua couldn´t go because his mom grounded him. Kind of frustrating. But hopefully we can continue to teach him and help him prepare for baptism. We are still looking for new people to teach. I am excited to work with Elder Hernandez I am sure he will help a lot. I just want you all to know that I know that as we follow Jesus Christ in all that we do we can truly become true disciples of Him and become a light to others. We must strive to do as He did and love the way He loves. I know that as we strive to bless the lives of others our lives will be blessed and we will become closer to our Savior and our Father in Heaven as well as others that surround us. I know that as we strive to obey Him and bring others unto Him we can become truly happy and find true joy in the journey here in this life. I know that there is no greater path than the path of true discipleship and as we seek Him, we will find ourselves. I love all of you and hope you have a great week. Take care. Love, Elder Mitchell J Condie

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