Thursday, February 18, 2016

I'm getting to know my area, companion and the people better! We are looking forward to some baptisms!

Hello Everyone, I hope that you all had a wonderful week this week! This week was a good week and it seemed to go easier and faster than the first week in my new area. I finally feel like I kind of know at least where I am even if I still don't know the whole area. Our area is the biggest in the zone, so that means that we have a lot of areas I still probably don't know about yet. It has been fun though getting to know it a bit better and get to know the members. Yesterday was my first day in the ward really because last week was Stake Conference. I really enjoy being in a ward again because there are many things happening and we as missionaries can enjoy a bit more attending the meetings without having to teach classes or bless the sacrament and things like that. Not that I don't like helping, but it just makes it a bit easier to enjoy the meetings and feel the Spirit. I really enjoyed it and was able to get to know a few other members! Well as for our investigators we have four that are really progressing. This week three of them will be baptized on Saturday. Pedro, Maria Jose, and Francisco. We had some wonderful lessons with them this week and they are very ready to be baptized! I already love them so much and I feel like they are 'my converts' already. The other day we asked them who they would like to baptize them and they decided to have all three of us baptize. Meaning that Elder Tzub will baptize Pedro, Elder Menchu (who has permission from President Egginton to come to the baptism) will baptize Paco (Francisco) and I am going to baptize Maria Jose. I am super excited and I know that it will be a great experience! Our other investigator that is progressing is Hno. Ruben. He was the new investigator we found last Sunday. He was a reference from a member and we have been teaching him since. He has already come to church several times and he is learning a ton. We only got to have one lesson with him last week which was yesterday because of scheduling conflicts, but it was a great lesson and he understands well. He will be baptized on March 5th if all goes well so we are excited and now stressed to finish all of the lessons in time for that day! I am sure we can do it, it will just require careful planning! Really this area has been a fun change even though it has been hard adjusting. I am still missing my last area and companion a bit, but I know I will get more adjusted with time. Really this is a good ward and I think there is some great potential for growth here! I am excited to work with the members which has been a huge focus of our mission this last little while! I am slowly learning how to be a better District Leader too! I just want to testify that the Lord has given all of us many blessings. At times we may be tempted to look at our situations or the difficulties we are experiencing and get depressed or feel self pity. I know that we all have problems and challenges, but I also know that God still blesses and helps us. He is a loving father. He wants the best for us. I know that as we look for the good in every situation, stay positive in the negative moments, and remember the blessings through the trials; we will be strengthened by Him. He has strengthened me and I know He can strengthen all of us. I feel a great deal of His love and I have been greatly blessed to learn to love all of those with whom I work. I know that He gives all of us gifts and abilities that we may bless those around us. I know we are of worth because we are children of God. As we work to move forward he will always help us! I love each of you and I hope all goes well this week! I pray for you and think of you all often! Take care! Love, Elder Mitchell J Condie

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