Thursday, February 18, 2016

A busy week with lots of traveling, training, teaching, and a transfer!

Hey Everyone, I hope that you were all able to have a wonderful week this last week! Our week went pretty well and it was quite busy. We had to travel three days. First on Tuesday we went to Sahuayo for our District Meeting, on Wednesday we went to Guadalajara for my appointment with the neurologist, and then on Friday we went to Zamora for our special Zone Conference with President Benjamin de Hoyos. Overall it was quite a crazy week not to mention that I got transferred today back to Guadalajara meaning that yesterday was a long day of visiting lots of people and a long night trying to pack all of my bags. I can tell you I have way too much stuff! This week we had the opportunity to teach quite a few lessons with our investigators. We were able to teach Francisco, Lorena's husband, two times. We had some good lessons with him and I now think that hopefully he is becoming a bit more interested in listening to us and receiving the lessons than he has been the past few months. On Friday night after we came home from our Zone Conference in Zamora we went and had a Family Home Evening with them. We watched Meet the Mormons and it was a good visit. I really hope that someday soon he starts going to church and makes the decision to be baptized! On Friday we had a wonderful opportunity to get to participate in a special training with President Benjamin De Hoyos (the Mexico Area President) in Zamora, Michoacan. It was a wonderful meeting where we discussed much of what we learned in our Worldwide Missionary Training the week before. He talked a lot about how we need to help others to truly become converted unto Christ. He talked to us about our need to always testify of Jesus Christ and His Atonement for all mankind. The Spirit touched me so strongly about the importance of teaching simply and clearly so that they can truly understand the sacrifice Jesus made as He suffered our sins, temptations, pains, afflictions, and trials in the Garden of Gethsemene and as He died on the cross. It was a very powerful meeting with him and I felt very privileged to be able to receive instruction from a General Authority of the Church. Then on Saturday we had a really fun day. We had a talent show as a branch and Elder Muñoa and I were in charge. We had the opportunity to see the talents of many of the members and it was really fun. All week long we worked on our own presentation to share in the talent show. Elder Muñoa has been playing Tahitian instruments for seven years and dancing Tahitian dance for six years before his mission. He and I decided it would be fun to learn a more simple dance that I could learn and we practiced it all week long. We even made decorations out of palm leaves for when we danced in the talent show. It was quite fun and we shared our 'haka' as our part. It was super fun to learn the dance and I think the members enjoyed it as well. It was super hard for me because my legs are definitely not as strong as his with so many years of practicing! It was fun though and it was a great way to end my time there with him and in Tizapan. Honestly it is super hard for me right now being transferred. I knew that it was almost certain because I had already been in Tizapan for five transfers and Elder Muñoa finished his training. It just makes it hard because I really do love the area and the members, but hardest of all is leaving my companion. Elder Muñoa was a huge help to me and support to me in my trials and I learned so many things with him. It was even better because I was training him and I have been able to see how much he has learned and grown. I am really going to miss being with him because we got along so well and had so many fun and also trying moments together that strengthened our relationship. I am excited though to see how much more he grows without me there and see what he does as he continues in his mission. Really it was such a blessing to be a trainer and to have such a great missionary to train! Now in my new area my companion is Elder Tzub. He is from Guatemala. We are serving in the ward Rio Verde in the stake Reforma in Tonala, Jalisco (one of the many cities that make up what people know as 'Guadalajara'). I am excited to get to know him and the ward here. I am also now a District Leader so that gives me more responsibilities to take on. Hopefully I can do a good job! I know that this will be a good area I just have to get used to the change. I am bad at change sometimes! Really overall I am doing well and enjoying my mission. I know that sometimes in life there are hard changes and moments when we are scared or not sure how to move on or face a certain situation. I know that in those times is when we are tried in our faith and confidence in God. As I have faced those hard moments in my mission I have truly seen great growth. I know that as we trust in God and His plan for each one of us is when we can grow and learn. Sometimes we face situations or moments of insecurity or doubt, but as we trust in faith he can lift us and make us stronger. I know that His plan is perfect. I know that He understands the difficulties and trials we face and that as we trust in Him, He will lead and guide and help us. I know He loves me, I know He loves you, and I know He loves all of His children. I hope you all have an excellent week! I love you all and pray for you always! Take care! Love, Elder Mitchell J Condie

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