Sunday, September 27, 2015

We had a wonderful week full of traveling, adventures, and a baptism!

Hey Everyone, This week was a really good and long and crazy week for us! It was full of a lot of traveling and adventures! We had the opportunity to go to Zone Conference, have exchanges, and our baptism on Saturday! It was a good week that was full of lots of things to do! First of all on Tuesday we went to a city named Ocotlan for our Zone Conference with President Egginton. We had to travel like three hours to get there and we didn't have a great idea on how to arrive there. We had to take three different buses to get there. We made the first two without a problem, but where we were supposed to take the third was a town that we have never been to and we didn't know where we were supposed to get off. We ended getting off early and then saw the third bus coming and we tried to stop it as usual and it just passed us. So we tried to follow where it went and see if it stopped further on and found out that it stopped in a bus station (that nobody told us existed) and the bus that we took to get there was parked right next to the one we needed to take. Luckily we didn't miss the third bus, but we just ended up walking extra that we didn't need too! Our Zone Conference was really good and we talked a lot about Charity and Love, Humility, and Diligence. It was really cool because the Spirit was really strong there. We also talked about our purpose as missionaries and representatives of Jesus Christ. I really enjoyed it. Because our meeting started late and we weren't going to be able to get home before midnight we stayed overnight with the elders there and came home on Wednesday morning. On Thursday we had exchanges so that our District Leader, Elder Toala, could do Lorena's baptism interview. She passed her interview which was really good. It was fun to have exchanges with Elder Toala. He is from Samoa, but lives in Washington State. It was fun to talk to him in English all day long and get a break from Spanish. I honestly feel like now it is easier to speak in Spanish than English because I am so used to talking in Spanish all of the time, but after talking for awhile in English it became a bit easier again. It is funny how we change words sometimes or how we randomly say a word in Spanish while we are talking. It made me laugh. On Saturday we had the baptism with Hna. Lorena. I was the one who baptized her and it went pretty well! The baptismal service was really good. We had quite a few members there to support her; that was nice because we were a little worried about that because not very many people have been attending church lately. Both of the sisters who spoke did a great job and are friends or family of her's and the Spirit was super strong. Elder Menchu and I sang Nearer My God to Thee and it went okay. I was super excited that she got baptized because we have been working a lot with her. She really is such a wonderful and fun lady and I just hope that she can help her family to get baptized now! It was good because her sister-in-law who isn't a member came to the baptism. On Sunday Elder Menchu did the Confirmation for her. He did a good job and gave her a great blessing. I am super excited to see how much more she grows as we continue to work with her! I know that her testimony will become much stronger and I am excited to see the effect she has on her husband and other relatives! Other than that we taught some other lessons, but not really anyone is progressing. I hope that with our investigator Arturo we can start helping him attend church and stuff, but last we knew he was drinking again and all of his family is worried about him. I hope that we can really help him to stop and change his life and be able to fix some of the family problems that he has because of his addiction. I am super excited because tomorrow we are going to Guadalajara to the TEMPLE!!!! I am so excited because I haven't been to the temple for over nine months now! I can't wait to feel of the beautiful, peaceful, and tranquil Spirit that there is in the House of the Lord. I hope this is the first of many trips to the temple! I love the temple so much and it is really cool because we got to see the re-dedication of the Mexico City Temple just last week! I just want to leave you with my testimony of Our Savior Jesus Christ. I know that Jesus Christ lives. I know that He is the author and writer of our faith and that through our faith in Him that we can receive many miracles and great blessings in our own lives. I know that He suffered and died for us, but that too He was resurrected that we might live once again just as He did! I know that it is only through that great Atoning Sacrifice that He made for all mankind that we may be made clean of our sins, have comfort in trials, and return to live in the presence of God. I am incredibly grateful for Him. I love all of you so much and I hope you all are doing well. I hope you all have a wonderful week this week and take care of yourselves! Love, Elder Mitchell J Condie

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