Thursday, September 17, 2015

We got to watch the Re-dedication of the Mexico City Temple.

Hey Everyone, I hope you all had a good week this week! My week was a pretty great week. We were able to teach quite a bit and had the opportunity to participate in some fun events! This week we finished teaching Hna. Lorena the lessons. She is doing really well. She has developed a testimony of the Gospel and we can see her growth everytime we visit with her! This week we taught her about the Temple and Family History Work and she was excited to look up pictures of the temple on her computer. We also taught her about service to all men and in the church as well. Yesterday we had a practice baptismal interview with her and I think she is very ready to be baptized this Saturday! We asked her who she wanted to baptize her and she asked me to do it. Elder MenchĂș will confirm her on Sunday. I am super excited that she is going to be baptized because we have been working really hard to help her prepare! She is such a wonderful lady and I am so excited that she has made the decision to be baptized. Do you remember Arturo?? He is an investigator I told you guys about awhile back. Well he went to rehab for drinking and hadn't had much of an opportunity to visit with him lately. Well this last week he got out of rehab and we went and visited with him. He has a great desire to change his life and fix the problems he has made for himself. We taught him about the Word of Wisdom the other day and he said he would do all he could to live it day by day and step by step. I really hope that we can help him to progress and be baptized. I know it will help him to change his life so much. Well yesterday we had the opportunity to go to the Rededication of the Mexico City Temple. It was absolutely wonderful and the Spirit was super strong. President Henry B. Eyring presided and said the rededicatory prayer. Elder Jeffrey R. Holland was also there and we got to hear them both speak on the importance of temples and the blessings they bring in our lives. We went to two of three sessions and it was absolutely wonderful to be able to see and participate in the rededication. I understood everything that was said both in Spanish and English! Haha. It was a really neat experience and I am thankful that we got to go! On Saturday night we also had the opportunity to watch the Cultural Celebration for the Temple. They broadcast it to all of Mexico. It was cool to get to watch it. They had lots of dancing and singing. They told a story of the History of the Church in Mexico and some specific stories about some of the first members here. It all led up to yesterday when the temple was to be rededicated. It was a really fun program and I loved it. I just want to share with all of you my testimony of the Temple. I know that the Temple is the House of the Lord and therein we can receive ordinances and make sacred covenants necessary for our salvation. I am so thankful for the Priesthood Authority of God that has been restored here on the Earth through the Prophet Joseph Smith. I testify that our Prophet today, Thomas S. Monson, holds that same Priesthood Authority. I know that through this authority we can be sealed as families for time and all eternity. I am so thankful to know that my family can be together forever thanks to the temple. I love each and every one of you and hope you all have a wonderful week! Love, Elder Mitchell J Condie

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