Monday, March 16, 2015

Hey everybody, I hope you all had a great week

Hello Everyone, Hey everybody I hope you all had a good week this last week! I hope you are all happy and healthy. This week was a good one for us! It has rained almost every single day this last week, and most of the day, which has been a welcome change to the heat and we have actually has some pretty cool weather. It was pretty cold today and yesterday and I am thankful for my coat. Really though I like this type of weather because it feels a bit more like home and it isn´t as miserable as walking everywhere in the heat. Unfortuneately Luz Maria, Adrian, and Angel weren´t baptized on Saturday because her son, Adrian and Angel´s Dad couldn´t find a replacement for work and they really want him to be able to be there. We are thinking about this Saturday for their baptisms, but at this point I´m not sure about anything. Really they are excited to be baptized but they want to wait for him. I really just hope that they are baptized before long, because I feel like the longer they wait the harder it will be! It was kind of hard because this week we decided to stop visiting two families because they were not progressing. The Moya family asked us to not come anymore, I really just believe that they don´t want to change their religion. I hope someday they will receive this gospel though. We decided to stop visiting another family, the Arellano´s, because we have been teaching them for over a month and a half and they haven´t come to church once and they have quit letting us in their home half of the time. It is hard to stop teaching families, but if they are not progressing there are many others who are more willing to listen and prepared to receive this message. On a bit happier note we found a family of four, the Vazquez Family, that are really great. Elizabeth the Mom is 28 and very great. The dad is Jose unfortunately he drives taxi and works Sundays so can´t come to church which means he can´t be baptized, but he is still listening to the lessons. The kids are Johnathan who is 10 and Yarele (she is 8 and you pronounce it like ya-rel-ee). We taught them2 times last week and Elizabeth and the kids came to all of church yesterday. I am very excited to teach them and I hope that they are baptized! Really this is my favorite part of a mission is when I can see people keep their commitments and how the Gospel can touch and change their lives! I am so thankful to be a missionary of Jesus Christ, to represent him and his gospel, really it is such a blessing. I love this gospel and all of the blessings and happiness that come from living it! I know without a doubt that this is Christ´s church and that he is at the head. I am thankful for our prophet, Thomas S. Monson and I can´t wait to hear from him and our apostles and other leaders in General Conference. I love all of you and hope you are all doing well! You are in my prayers! Take care, I love you! Love, Elder Mitchell J Condie

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