Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Hello Everyone, I hope that your week was good and that this letter finds you happy and healthy! I love all of you so much and pray for you every day! I hope that life is all good for you! Our week was pretty good. Last Monday was transfers and our ward changed quite a bit. Before we had six missionaries in our ward, but because less missionaries arrived than left, some areas didn´t recieve new missionaries, we were one of them, so now there are only four missionaries in our ward. That means we now have a bigger area than before and I don´t know how we are going to cover it all, but we will figure it out! We are just going to have to figure out how to work with the members more! It was a pretty good week and we have been trying to focus on finding more investigators to teach because we don´t have very many. Luz Maria and Adrina and Angel Arredando are going to be baptized this Saturday with another person from the other area which makes four baptisms in our ward. I am so excited they are getting baptized because we have been working so hard to help them get to this point! Really they are such a wonderful family and I know this will help them with all of their struggles, trials, and problems! We had another lesson with Ana Moya (the mother of the Moya Family) about the Book of Mormon and that in order to know if this book is ture and if this is Christ´s church the she needs to read and pray about it. We invited her to pray and ask God if she should read the Book of Mormon and she said no. She is extremely Catholic and says she is happy and doesn´t think her family needs more. The hardest part of this work is when we want to hlep someone receive the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ and they choose not to accept it. So we may end up not teaching them if they are not going to do the things we ask them to do, but we are not giving up on them just yet! I want for them so badly the blessings that can come from this gospel in their lives and hope that somehow they will receive the desire to know and to ask of God. Yesterday we spoke in Church! Ahh! I´ll bet you can´t guess what we spoke about.... Missionary Work! I was the last speaker and I think it went really well. I think that my talk was actually the longest. I really enjoy speaking in church it is just a bit harder in Spanish, but many people complimented me on it and my Spanish which was cool! Us four missionaries also sang "Called to Serve" for the rest hymn, in Spanish of course, and had the congregation join in on the last verse, and I felt the Spirit very strongly. That was right before my talk so I pretty much started as a blubbering mess! Haha! Really though it was a good opportunity for me. Really everything is going pretty well. My Spanish is getting better, slowly day by day. I am starting to understand people better even though half of the time I still feel like an idiot because I don´t know what´s going on! I think the hardest part of Spanish for me when listening is Spanish has like 1-10 different meanings for every word and somethimes I get confused by that. The hardest thing when speaking is verbs and tenses: every verb is conjugated in six different ways one for I or me, you, you (formal), we or us, you guys (only used in spain), and you guys (formal and used in all other countries). So that is hard to remember; and tenses will be the death of me, in English there are only six different tenses, in Spanish there are fourteen (all with six different conjugations) for every single verb, so that is extremely difficult. I feel like once I have that figured out I will be a master, but I am sure it will be a long time before I get there! Even though it is super hard sometimes I am grateful that I get to learn this language! Really I am doing good here even though I still have a ton to learn! I hope you all have a wonderful week! I hope life is going good for all of you! I am praying for all of you at home! I love you guys and want you to know how grateful I am for each one of you! Love you like crazy, Elder Mitchell J Condie

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