Thursday, January 15, 2015

Only 3 days left in the MTC - Then I fly to Guadalajara to start teaching the Gospel!

Hello Everyone,

I hope that this past week has been good for all of you! This week has been a good one for me and it feels like time is just flying by already! I cannot believe that in 3 Days I am going to be in my mission in Guadalajara! We fly out on Monday January 19, 2015 at 7:00 AM, which means we will be leaving the MTC at 4:00 AM to be to the airport on time! I am sure it will be a long day, but I am very excited to leave the CCM and be in the field!

This week has been pretty busy as always for us! We have been working hard on learning Spanish and I am getting better! It is so difficult learning a new language but I am so excited to be able to speak it better over time! I have been trying this week to speak as much Spanish as possible because next week it will be all that I can speak! In a way I am super scared to be in the field, because I feel like I will suck at speaking to people, but hopefully it just helps me to learn it all better! I am so thankful for this calling to Mexico though, I know that the Lord inspired those who made the assignment and I know it will be the best thing I have ever done so far in my life! I am grateful for this challenge and I am so excited to work and do my best to be the best missionary I can be!

We got our travel information yesterday and our extended Visas. They also gave us all a water filtering water bottle to use in our mission, I know it will be helpful to have here in Mexico. We will have to renew our visa in December again this year and I don't know after that. I am just so stoked to get out into the field and begin teaching people!

This Tuesday we had another devotional broadcast from Provo. It was a special one because it was for all of the new MTC Presidents that are being trained right now. Elder Russell M. Nelson spoke to us again about being the best missionaries we could be and I loved his message. His wife Wendy also spoke, she spoke on desperation and the power it has to help us achieve hard things and change and turn to the Lord more for guidance, it was an inspiring message to me as well! President Pratt the MTC president here is being released two days after we leave and the new President will be Pres. Tonorio who was already in the MTC presidency here, I know he will do a great job!

We taught Rodrigo for the last time this week and I feel like we have improved teaching so much. Elder Anglesey and I are super excited about our improvement and both of us can't wait until we can teach real investigators even though I am sure it will be intimidating sometimes! I am so grateful for this opportunity to be here to learn, and I can't wait to learn everything I can! We had TRC last night and we taught an elderly women who I think really just wanted someone to talk to, it was so difficult to understand her and I know I will definitely have to get better at deciphering what people say, but it was great sharing a short message with her and just seeing her beautiful smile! She was so cute and so glad that we came to talk to her, and I cannot wait to get to know people like that here! They are all so kind and wonderful and I am so glad that I can be here in Mexico to lift others up and help them in any way that I can. I can truly feel the love of Christ for these people when I am talking to and teaching to them, and I can't wait to feel that more often!

I know that these next two years are going to be some of the most challenging times in my life, but I also know that they are going to be filled with happiness and hope and love and I cannot wait to see the miracles in store for all of those that we teach! I am so grateful to be here learning and growing! 

Earlier today it was awesome because we got to go visit the Mexico City Temple grounds and Visitor's Center. It was fun to go and see it and how beautiful it is! I am sad we didn't get to attend it because it is under renovations, but the Spirit there was so wonderful! We got to hear from two sister missionaries who gave us a tour, one from here in Mexico and one from Columbia, they had great English and shared a wonderful testimony of missionary work and also eternal families with us! I love the temple and I can't wait until I can go through a session again!

I am so grateful to be here even though I miss all of you! I know it will fly by quicker than we think! I am so glad to have so many wonderful friends and family members that are supportive of me! I appreciate all of your emails and messages and all of the prayers. I feel them every day and I know that they are working for me! I look forward to telling you all about my trainer and first area next week! Wish me luck! I love all of you and am praying for all of you! I hope you all have a wonderful week this week!

Elder Mitchell J Condie

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