Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Busy first week in Guadalajara

Hey Everybody,

Wow this week has been a crazy one. It was my first week in my area and it has been kinda difficult adjusting from life in the CCM to life in the Field. My area is quite large and one of three in our ward (Buenas Aires Ward). It is much different here than I am used to back home in the US. All of the houses are very small and all are connected to one another, even the nicer ones. We live in our own house. It has a bathroom two bedrooms an area for our desks and a small kitchen. It has a very small back yard (like five feet deep by fifteen feet wide). It is fairly nice for here, it is much nicer than some of the houses that our investigators live in and I kind of feel bad, but I am grateful we have a good place to live.

We have quite a few investigators, we still have quite a bit to teach them. One Family the Arredandos were supposed to be baptized this saturday but they didn't come to church yesterday and we still have a lot to teach them so it will probably be a couple more weeks now. I have tried hard to listen to the lessons but I don't understand much still! I can sometimes share a little testimony when I have been able to follow the lesson but it is very difficult for me!

I am sorry I cannot right more I am out of time! I love all of you guys and hope you have a great week this week! I will tell you more next week I promise!

Elder Mitchell J Condie

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