Tuesday, January 19, 2016

It was a nice calm week without as much traveling.

Hey Everyone, I hope that this last week went well for all of you! Our week went pretty well. It was quite a calm week in comparison to some of our weeks lately. On Tuesday it was nice because we had our District Meeting here in Tizapan for the first time, so that meant we didn't have to travel which was nice! On Friday we had interviews with President Egginton in Ajijic. That went well and he had some great things to say to me and my companion which made me happy! Other than that we had a few lessons and we walked a lot which is about the same as any other week! We have kind of been struggling with investigators. This last week we decided to drop Enrique because he wasn't progressing and we are also trying to figure out how to tell Jorge that we are dropping him as well because he refuses to read the Book of Mormon. He has been coming to church every week, thankfully this week he wasn't drunk when he got there, but then he just tried to argue with us the whole time we were teaching Gospel Principles. Hopefully we can leave him behind without a huge crazy ordeal. We have been working with two young men as investigators. One is named Aaron, and he seems to be interested in learning more of the gospel. He accepted a baptismal invitation but he has challenges with attending church because of his job. His schedule changes every week so we don't know what will happen with that. The other is named Jose and is the nephew of an older man who is a member of the branch. He gave us the referral and we delivered him a Book of Mormon. So far we haven't been able to visit with him again because he works on a farm and is pretty busy. Hopefully we can help those two become progressing investigators. Other than that we are still searching for more people to teach. It is kind of challenging here because the town is super catholic, but we are still searching. I know that even though sometimes we are faced with challenges in this work that it is okay because the Lord leads and guides. I am amazed at the amount of help we have received from the Lord in our time here. I know that the Spirit guides us to share with those who are prepared and then gives to us the very words we should speak. I know that the Spirit is the greatest tool we have and I am so thankful for his guidance and direction day by day. I know that God loves each one of His children and He is preparing the way that they may all come to a knowledge of this Gospel. I love each and every one of you and I hope that you all have a great week this week! Take care! Love, Elder Mitchell J Condie

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