Wednesday, March 16, 2016

We had a great week and we had another baptism!

Hey Everyone, I hope you all had a wonderful week this week! And if it wasn't so wonderful I hope that this week is better! My week was really pretty great! There are always ups and downs, but I have learned that focusing on the ups instead of the downs helps us to be happier people! Well this last week we were able to have another baptism. This week Hno. Ignacio got baptized on Saturday. My companion, Elder Hernandez, baptized him. When we were asking him who he wanted to baptize him he looked at Elder Hernandez and said, "well, I want you to baptize me because you are big!" it was super funny, but super true. It seems like the investigators almost always choose the largest person available because they don't want them to drop them while they are being baptized. The baptism went pretty well. Elder Hernandez did have to baptize Hno. Ignacio two times because his foot came up out of the water. I was acting as witness so I said they had to do it again. The second time it was super funny because Elder Hernandez pushed him way deep under the water so that he wouldn't have to do it a third time. The Spirit was strong in the baptism. My companion and I sang "Lead Kindly Light" together and I also spoke on the Holy Ghost. On Sunday in Sacrament Meeting I confirmed him a member of the church. It went well and I felt as if the Spirit was really guiding every word I spoke during the blessing. I was really content knowing that we had helped another person be baptized and confirmed part of the true church of Jesus Christ on the Earth. I also got to speak in Church on Sunday again already. I spoke about Jesus Christ and His Atonement with a focus on the Resurrection, Easter being so close. I also spoke about missionary work and invited all of the members to come to and invite friends to our Ward Mission Activity this Saturday. We are going to have an open house and have different groups touring the chapel and listening about the different organizations like the Relief Society, Young Men and Young Women, Primary, Sunday School, etc. We are also going to show the new video for Easter called #Hallelujah put out by the church! It is wonderful and I am so excited to share it! You can watch it here. Anyway that is all of the exciting news of the week. Oh also I am excited because my trainee, Elder Muñoa, got transferred to my district. I am super excited to see him and have him close by again. It will be kind of weird being his district leader though. Haha. Anyway the work is going well all we have to do now is just find a bunch of new people to teach because all of them got baptized! I just want you to all know that I have a strong testimony of the Savior Jesus Christ. I know that He lives. I know that after He was crucified that He was resurrected on the third day and that because of His infinite sacrifice for us we will all one day rise from the grave to new life just as He did. He is our Redeemer. If we will follow Him and live His commandments we can return to live in His presence and with the Father. I love Him. I am so thankful to be a missionary to share this testimony with everyone, that Jesus Christ lives and that He loves each and every single one of us! I love each of you and hope you all are well. I hope you have an amazing week! Take care of yourselves! Love, Elder Mitchell J Condie

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