Wednesday, June 17, 2015

My testimony has been strenghtened

Hello Everybody, I hope you all had a wonderful week this week! I had a pretty good week teaching. I have had my testimony strengthened in that the Lord is working to prepare people to receive this message! It was really cool this week because we found two new investigators. It is a Mom, Tani Medina and her nine year old daughter Jennifer (she also has another daughter who is five named Melanie and her husband but for now he works everyday). It was really cool because one day this week we were trying to visit our convert Victoria and she wasn't home, so we started to walk to go visit someone else. There is a park in front of Victoria's house and we were walking on the sidewalk when a lady came up to us and asked if we were LDS. She said that her sister is and is coming to live with her and her family and wanted to know where our church is so that she can attend. We explained where our church is and that we would like to visit with her. When we asked her if we could teach her she immediately said yes and that she wanted to learn more. We set an appointment to visit with her. Our appointment was on Saturday and we had a great first lesson with her. She was very interested and both of her daughters listened and learned a lot. She had a lot of questions and listened very intently. We invited her to church the next day and they said that they would go. We invited her to be baptized on 18th of July and she and her daughter accepted the date. The next morning we went to pick them up and they were both ready and waiting for us. Church was wonderful because in sacrament meeting everything was about how families can be forever and she was very intently listening the whole time. They stayed for all three hours and in Principles of the Gospel class we talked about gifts of the spirit. They assigned us all to talk about a gift and she got up and shared what she learned and then afterward said that it was really cool for her to read the story and see that there are gifts of the spirit. Jennifer went to primary and they gave her a Bible and Book of Mormon and invited her to their activity. Really it was perfect for them and I am so excited to help them progress. Really my testimony grew so much seeing how ready they are for the Gospel in their lives. I know with all of my heart that this is the work of our Savior, and that He is preparing the hearts of the people to receive the Gospel in their lives. I have seen so many wonderful blessings come into my life and into the lives of others through this Gospel. I am so thankful for this opportunity that I have to share this Gospel everyday here and I love being able to see those we teach learn and grow and become closer to Christ. I love this work and I have been so blessed to be here to serve. I love you guys and I hope you all have a wonderful week! Take Care! Love, Elder Mitchell J Condie

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