Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Hello Everyone, I hope you all had a Happy Valentine's Day! This week was a pretty good week for us. We had some wonderful lessons with investigators and overall it was just enjoyable for me! It rained almost every single day the past week which has been different than what I am used to here, but mostly I liked it! One night when we were headed back to our house it was a downpour and we didn't have our umbrellas because when we left the house it was nice. An member we were visiting gave us some plastic bags to use as ponchos, but by the time we got home we were still soaked. In some areas in the streets the water was like 5 or 6 inches deep and we couldn't go around so we just had to go through, it was quite an adventure, but we were fine! I hope that all of you have had an enjoyable week and that you are all doing well! First of all I will answer the big question of how was the Baptism? Well we didn't end up having it because of a change of plans. Luz Maria Arredando was going to be baptized on Saturday by Brother Garcia but she decided that she wanted her brother to baptize her instead. He is a Bishop in Morelia (which is another semi-big city in our mission) and he said he wouldn't be able to come until the 28th, so we are planning on that day for her baptism! I was kind of sad, but honestly I would have wanted my brother to do it and my family to be there, so hopefully it proves to be worthwhile for her and her family! Well although that baptism didn't happen it is okay because this week we have another one! This Saturday Victoria Comparan is getting baptized. I don't remember what I have told you about her so I will tell you a bit about her. She is also in her sixties. Her daughter and her daughter's boyfriend live with her and her two grandaughters, Lupita (9) and Maria Jose (4). We have been teaching her a lot lately and her and her two grandaughters have been coming to church regularly. It was cool because in church yesterday it was ward conference so all of the Relief Society and Priesthood were combined for the last meeting and we had them announce her baptism and she got all teary-eyed; I think because she didn't expect that; along with that and all of the welcoming and excitement of the members I think she felt very loved yesterday, which I believe is very important for our investigators when attending church! It was also cool because last night I told her many of the members are very excited for her baptism and that I was also excited for her, and she got teary-eyed again. I know that it was the Spirit testifying to here that she is making the right decision in being baptized! It is things like this that I love most about being a missionary! I am learning little by little every single day that I am here! I am slowly getting better at both understanding and speaking Spanish, but still there are often times when I do not understand what people are saying! It is difficult at times because I just want to be able to understand so that I can better teach and share my testimony with them about the gospel! I know that it will still take me quite a while to feel like I understand everything and can do this without the help of my companion in every single lesson, but it is okay! Last week I felt like I was actually better able to share some things in our lessons that I hadn't been able to before which was cool! Today was my first zone activity. We went and played volleyball and had a huge water balloon fight, which was lots of fun! It felt nice to just play around for a bit instead of doing the regular stuff we do. Sometimes I miss just being able to waste time because we are so tightly scheduled every single day here, but I know that is the only way we should be because we get more accomplished that way! We cooked hamburgers which was nice, but honestly burgers are better in America! Haha it was lots of fun and I am enjoying my zone there are some wonderful people around me which I appreciate a lot! Besides that we cleaned our house and not much else because the zone activity took most of the day! I am so thankful to be here serving the Lord. I know that I was called here for these people and I am growing to love them more and more every single day that I am here! I am so grateful for the Gospel of Jesus Christ, I know that it blesses lives and families! I am so thankful that I have this wonderful happiness in my life and I am so excited to share this message with others! I am so grateful for the Plan of Salvation and God's love for me. I know that he loves every single one of his children and always wants the best for them in everything! I feel his love often and I am so grateful for is in my life! I love all of you guys and I am so thankful for your support! I hope you all have a great week! Love, Elder Mitchell J Condie

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